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Aurore Old English Sheepdog

Hi, I’m Old English Sheepdog bitch Aurore from Velke Bilovice (Czech Republic)
and welcome to everyone who loves dogs!

Who am I,  Aurore?

My name is Aurore from Staré Hradište, Czech Republic and I was born 30.11.1998.

My owner brought me home January 19, 1999 and I brought happiness into the home. I was still little puppy, which was not house trained, so first few weeks I watched my family cleaning the floor after I had been to the toilet and learning to use litter tray. When I made it to the tray I got pat on my back but when I did not it was good time to hide.

Before the spring came my owners build up proper doghouse for me, which is very cozy but I do not like to be there on my own. I keep asking to be back with my pack of dogs actually my owners. I am very sociable and it would be enough if I could just stay in the house with them, or lay in the sun on the balcony, then I am happy because I know that they are close to me.

After my three months stay in the house three carpets had to be replaced, and the hall and one bedroom had to be repainted, where I graffiti the walls with my claws while teaching myself to open the doors.

I love to play with empty plastic mineral water bottles but I am even happier when I hear the doorbell and people come to visit. People say I am Whirlwind not Aurora when it comes to welcoming people. I start by jumping up on our visitors and try to lick their noses, then comes the dance with going round and round and some whining. I’m all right again after about five minutes and then I go back to lie on the balcony. If the visitors stay little bit longer, after I’ve had my sleep I start all the ceremonial over again because I always forgot that I’ve already welcome them. My owners say that I’m a very understanding creature, which people have to learn to understand. Today I’m part of the family, which has their own chores, but until now all I have to do is to compete in some dog shows and try to impress judge.

Here is my doggy family. Can you find me there?

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